Sunday, March 30, 2014

Regina Coeli Mini Book for Kids

My students have memorized the Angelus this year using this mini book, and we pray it together as a class every day just before we leave for lunch.  I love being united with Christians around the world praying the same prayer that honors Mary's yes to God, and calls to mind the amazingness of the Incarnation, God become man for us. 

However, we are about to move into the Easter Season.  Everything should look different during the Easter season for the life of a Christian, and noon prayer is no different :).  From Easter until Pentecost, we won't pray the Angelus, which remembers the Incarnation, but will instead pray the Regina Coeli, which celebrates the Resurrection.

Regina Coeli means "Queen of Heaven" in Latin.  We praise the Resurrection of Mary's Son along with her.  "Queen of Heaven rejoice, for He whom you did merit to bear has risen as He said, alleluia."

Print it back and front on a single sheet of paper, fold, staple, color, and you have an eight page mini book containing the words of the prayer, some history, meaning of unique words, and illustrations.
 Click here for the printable:

Also, if you are interested you can click here for the Angelus Mini Book:


  1. This is great! Have you ever thought about opening a store on Teachers Pay Teachers? There is a true need on that site for things like this!

    1. Thanks Glorea! I haven't looked into TpT too heavily, because I still want to offer items for free. I know that it would give a lot more exposure to the stuff that I create, so it is certainly something to consider. Thanks for the encouragement!

  2. You are such an awesome teacher, I want to be in your class! :-P

  3. I am really pleased I found the printable for the Regina Coeli Prayer---perfect for my 3rd graders at Regina Coeli School! Thanks so much!