Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Lent Notes Foldable

This is the Lent foldable we used to take notes over our discussion of Lent from the past few days.  It will make a great addition to a notebooking project or could be hung up as a simple Lent decoration.

Each of the four flaps unfolds to allow space to take notes, or to draw a picture for younger ones.  The four topics we took notes on were "What is Lent?" "How is Lent Different?" "Important Days During Lent" and "Scripture About Lent."
Some kids chose to color their notes, including purple letters for the liturgical color, green Palms for Palm Sunday which is towards the end of Lent, and a gray cross in the middle for the ashes we receive on Ash Wednesday.
 Here are a few of them displayed in our room:

Click here for the blank printable.  Copy double sided (we used lavender paper), fold short ends to the middle, and cut on the line between the sections to the fold.  You could also just use the L E N T side and create your own topic/assignment for the inside.
 If you would like a copy of our completed notes, click here.


  1. Unable to open - Would love to use this!

    1. I'm sorry about that. I just rechecked both links, and they are active and worked fine. What kind of browser are you using?