Thursday, March 20, 2014

Oh, I Can't Resist.

You may have seen my serious post on St. Joseph yesterday.   I do love St. Joseph.  Husband.  Father.  Leader.  Guide.  Protector.  Model of virtue and holiness.  Patron.  Carpenter. Provider.

And Dreamer.

St. Joseph was a hard worker, and a man of few words.  God chose to speak to him through dreams, much like his Old Testament Joseph counterpart.

So in the spirit of dreamers, how about some funny dream stories? :)

I tend to have the strangest, most vivid dreams, and I often remember them in great detail.

Sometimes they are realistic and easy to explain.
-Opening my classroom door and finding that it leads directly to my apartment.  (A sign I spend too much time at school, I think.)
-Being late and lost and unable to find any help. (Didn't need to be a dream to be true)

Sometimes they are scary.
-Being chased by Nazis in war-torn Germany because I am Jew/am hiding Jews/my husband is a Jew. (This is a reoccurring one, and the plot changes.)
-Demonic possession of someone that I know.  (Don't even want to think about how scary that was.)
-Zombie apocalypse.  (In one version of this dream I was saved by a holy water wielding Bishop.)
-Witnessing the coming Angel-of-Death-Green-Mist while being stuck outside with no chance of making inside a safe door.  (I can thank the bad special effects from the Passover scene in the Ten Commandments for this one.)

Sometimes they are hopeful and about the future.  These tend to be the least vivid.
-Jesus' second coming.  (I always dream that this is happening on a beach, and even though there are millions of people, Jesus comes and walks with me personally. Also, everyone can walk on water after their personal judgement.  Pretty cool.)
-Waking up the day of my wedding- only I didn't know it was suppose to be my wedding and I don't remember anything about it.  I have a dress, and a venue, and friends and family who convince me the guy is stellar and I should go through with it.  Usually the best man is the one who makes me realize it will be ok, so I walk down the aisle, and the groom turns...and I wake up. (An indication that I am either in for an arranged marriage or a bout of amnesia?)

I know that they are just dreams...most of the time.  God can speak to us in anyway that He chooses and we are open to, so I am not going to throw all dreams out as meaning nothing.  Sometimes they could be a gentle nudge, or a reminder, or in the case of St. Joseph, a flat out sign.

These following dreams, however, are not anything but funny.  My sisters and I are close, so being in each other's dreams is nothing new.  However one day last week BOTH of them sent me these versions of dreams that they had the night before- the same night.  They are more than a little wacky.  The dreams, I mean, not my sisters.  However, you may have to wonder after you read these:

From Stephanie, via email:
I must tell you of the dream that I had last night. 
We were starting out on a road trip.  We were in the middle of nowhere, I really have no idea where this was to be honest.  Anyway, we were on a four lane and there was a bad storm.  As we were turning on to the highway, a plane landed just behind us. I think we thought it was because of the weather, but you kept driving like it was nothing. Then we approached a flooded bridge, you said it was perfectly safe and drove on it, then off the side of it. You jumped out of the car to save yourself. I was in your car and somehow pushed it out of the river onto a wooden bridge-like walk-way next to the bridge.  Then we kept driving like it was nothing.  I don't know how to feel about this.
I just don't know if we should continue with our plans for this adventure (note- we are going on a roadtrip to Colorado this summer), I fear you will be recklessly careless with my life.

From Emily, the same morning, via text:
I had the most trippy dream about you last night that involved a talking bear and Rob Lowe being your soul mate.  Your first date was a polo match on horses and you had a surprise for him which was introducing him to your talking teddy bear who was a 10 foot tall Pooh bear that was falling apart from old age and dirtiness.  A single tear ran down Rob Lowe's cheek as he softly whispered, "Muffin?"  You had befriended his childhood giant man bear and it was in that moment you both knew you were soul mates.

Apparently I should load up my 10 foot tall living Winnie the Pooh bear, drive cross country avoiding bridges and planes, and meet my soul mate while playing polo.
Seems reasonable.

Got any wacky dreams you care to share? :)


  1. What! No comments yet! I thought I would be late to this party.
    I am laughing so hard I'm crying. Well, I'm not laughing out loud, because I am at work and they would verify that I'm crazy if I did that. I better wipe my tears before anyone walks in.
    Happy Thursday!

    1. I'm always glad to give your coworkers ammo for your crazy train :)

  2. I'm with Anita - I heard/told this story first hand and I'm still laughing so hard I'm crying.

  3. Holy Cow...I don't know what you girls ate before you went to bed but I think you should seriously consider taking it out of your menus. On the other hand, you certainly know how to make me out-loud laugh!